Forget about your competitors,
focus on your customers

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We know the main reasons that hinder the development
of your business in Russia


Many of your customers from Russia, does not know English language and very bad understanding your messages, which they translaiting via online translator. Communication: as experience shows - to clients from Russia are very pleased to communicate with managers, who speaks Russian language.

Your customer will come to you again. Here the customer has been very well understood!

The strangeness of the mentality of the Russian people

The people from Russia have not quite got used to trust the internet and even such giants as AliExpress. After ordering, customers are beginning to devote a lot of time to monitoring the activities with his order - thereby the seller begins to receive a lot of "empty" questions that take a lot of time. If the client does not receive timely answer to his question - he begins to think that he was cheating.

We can easily solve this problem!

Customers, who wants to deceive you

Internet - this is an open space, in which the Statistics, unfortunately, you can meet 5% of people who behave very poorly.

We have the methods of working with such kind of clients. We will not allow to show insolence towards to reputable company.



Our main task - is to make your store understandable for clients from Russia!
We offer a number of services that are highly improve your workflow!

The first stage of works

Official page on ru space
designed by a professional
designer and marketer!

Personal manager
in TradeManager

Personal number for calls
to Russia and communicate
through mobile messengers

The official page in the
social network

Marketer and designer to
develop a single card product
for clients from Russia

Open dispute? It doesnt matter - our managers will call the client and help to resolve the dispute in the best way for both sides

Working with the most effective resources

introduction and promotion of a group. Organization shares and raffles to attract new followers

Cooperation with the channels on youtube to promote your product. Attracting people who will put direct links to your store

introduction and promotion of a group. Organization shares and raffles to attract new followers

Accommodation recommendations of your customers, who has been happy to buy from you

Why will you win with us?

We are engaged to packaging of your business on ru space, not just respond
to customers' questions. We promote your business by means of media and PR.

Our experience shows, this service is very important for customers from Russia.

Yes, many stores have a Russian managers, but they do not have us!